Built and flew,  and crashed, and fixed, and flew again. I enjoy the building and fixing, just as much as flying and crashing. The 3 drones I assembled are pieced together from components, and soldered electronics, sometimes with 3D printed elements. I haven’t radically invented a new type of drone, but I did innovate and test in the field to find combinations that work. They all are flown with FPV (first person vision systems)

  1. XMR – 250 mm racing drone based on clean flight
  2. Flamewheel – 450 mm DJI Naza, GoPro Hero 3 with gimbal (not pictured)
  3. Xu-Gong – 480 mm, foldable arms, GoPro Hero 4 with gimbal.

I would like to thank Leo Ascarrunz for all his mentorship on this topic.