Project Description

The Tesseract draws inspiration from the hyper-cube 4 dimensional shape where all vertices are equal and all angles are 90 degrees. This cube is made of LED walls and balanced on one corner so that it spins freely. The 4th dimension in this case is time; expressed as both physical motion of the object and inferred motion of the generative animations that dance across all its surfaces. The internal construction is based on the Tesseract mathematical model which allows for seamless edges.

It is kinetically interactive whereby as it slowly spins, the exact orientation is fed into a custom software program to map content on the lights. So virtual shapes exist in the general vicinity of the cube and come into view when they intersect with the 3D surfaces. In this way, the animations are in a fixed position and the real cube rotates through them.

The middle layer is one-way dichroic mirrored acrylic so that in the daytime it bends the light creating a shiny moving rainbow. It will reflect the beautiful environment and beautiful people around it. The outside layer is a sheet of laser-etched acrylic. This acts as reinforcement in case overly excited participants treat it roughly. It is laced with secular geometric patterns that diffuse the LED light and blend the bright dots.

While the cube is completely made from aluminum, the larger base is constructed from steel. It is a curved Rhombic Pyramid structure housing the axel and motor assembly. It is sturdy enough to be climbed and stepped on.


The cube can be slowly rotated with a stepper motor near the base of the structure. It is also robust enough to be spun by hand so its not a problem if participants push it and move it around.

The lighting programming and speed of the motor are controlled via a custom app running on an iPad or iPhone. This app is simple enough for a participant to play with as long as someone is there to supervise and keep track of the device. The Tesseract aims to dazzle partygoers and leave them with an impression of wonder.


The following people have been indispensable and inspiring in supporting this endeavor. 

Kristin Turner, Jed Winters, Steven Sampson, Brandon Fryslie, Dave Mechly, Charlie Honeycutt, Michael Mathis,  Steven Turner


In the background: Draco's Nest, by GammaSpace