In 2016 I worked with Audiopixel to create the Lumenscape installation for the holiday event,  Blossoms Of Light.  I personally funded the project knowing that I would not be reimbursed unless it was a success.

It is a 3D LED grid comprised of 448 addressable light bars over 26,000 square feet. Each “stick” has 32 LEDs for a total of 14,336. It is controlled over UDP protocol. I designed the hardware aspects of system, including nearly 2 miles of cabling. Shout out to Charlie Honeycutt for helping with the power distribution system, and many other electrical aspects.

In 2016 and 2017, it was interactively driven from a kiosk containing musical instruments such as a midi drum, midi keyboard and microphone. Custom coded content and animation was created. Proprietary software was licensed to drive the LEDs over ethernet. More information about the original software here:

In 2018 the interactivity is done through a large scale touch screen mounted in the kiosk. We started fresh and created a new application that will run the show sequence and play generative, real-time content. I partnered with Denver Botanic Gardens IT staff to build their own application. We can now monitor the system remotely and troubleshoot while off site. This is a big advantage with its 0 degrees!

This new software application as well as installation and maintenance are now under Denver Botanic Garden’s management.